Online Vs. Charter School

Online Vs. Charter School

An important decision that parents must make is how to educate their child. We want to find the best method for our children. But nowadays, there are a lot of different options outside of the standard public education. Therefore, you may be looking at the pros and cons of using a private school and comparing them with an online vs. charter school. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple chart or graph that compares all of the options for you. But we’ve put together some of the key differences between online and charter schools for you here.

Online Vs. Charter School in PA

Online vs charter school

Defining a Charter School

A charter school is a type of public school that is a school of choice. Some charter schools are very comprehensive, offering a full curriculum. Meanwhile, other charter schools focus in on teaching certain subjects. They might focus on the arts, foreign languages, or science and math.

These schools are publicly funded. But they are exempt from some of the state and local regulations, and there’s more flexibility in how the school is run and managed. The school must meet certain educational objectives in order to have their charter.

Defining an Online School

An online or virtual school teaches students either entirely online or mostly online. These kids use technology and an internet connection to take live classes or watch videos that their teachers made for them. If your child has been dealing with school safety issues (like bullies and peer pressure), a virtual education might be beneficial for him or her. You can create a safe in-home environment for your child to learn and develop inside of. If you’re considering online vs. charter school, here are some of the best cyber schools in PA.

School work

Defining an Alternative School

This type of school uses some sort of nontraditional methods and curriculum. Alternative schools are meant to help students who have advanced skills or educational, medical, psychological, or behavioral needs that can’t be addressed in the normal school environment. Similar to a charter school, alternative schools have some flexibility with the way the administration runs the school. Therefore, they can offer different educational programs.

Choosing Between Online Vs. Charter School in PA

If you found your way here, you may be asking yourself, “What type of school is best for my child?” Finding just the right school for your child is an important decision that can affect how well they do in school and beyond. But once you go through the options and find the best school for your child’s needs, it can help give you peace of mind.

We hope that this article was helpful for you when comparing online vs. charter school. Additionally, you can learn more about public and private schools here. Check out our blog for more articles and information.


Top PA Cyber Schools

Top PA Cyber Schools

There are many different reasons to have your child enroll in an online school. If you’re thinking about online education this coming semester, you’re probably researching the top PA cyber schools. We are here to help make that process a little easier for you. You can learn more about us here. If you’ve found your way to this page, you may be wondering how to find a good cyber school. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a school. This is an important decision to make, so it’s best to look into each school’s offerings.

Identifying the Top PA Cyber Schools

What is the Curriculum Like?

You want to find a high-ranking school with the top certified educators that can help your child do their absolute best in school. Some schools will let you see samples of the curriculum before you make your decision. But you want to find one that has a high educational performance rating. Some schools offer live synchronous classes, and others have asynchronous classes (recorded video lectures). Meanwhile, there are other schools that use a combination of both. Depending on the specific learning style of your child, one method may be better for him or her. Flexibility within the school schedule is one of the benefits of cyber school.

Top PA Cyber Schools

What are My Responsibilities as a Parent?

Does the school provide the technology your child needs for cyber learning, or do you have to spend money to acquire it? You’ll want to find a school that invests in the best technology for online education. Additionally, how involved are you as a parent? Are you just there to supervise, or are you more active in your child’s education?

What Services Does the School Provide?

As many people learned in the spring of 2020, learning online is a lot different than education in a brick-and-mortar school. It will take your child a bit of time to become accustomed to their new school environment at home. The top PA cyber schools offer a variety of support services for their students.

Socialization opportunities

Will There be Opportunities for Socialization?

When they’re considering cyber school, a lot of parents are concerned with socialization opportunities. Does the school offer field trips, clubs, after-school activities, dances, graduation ceremonies, etc? You don’t want your child to miss out on their chance to meet new friends and gain socialization skills. This is also an important part of the educational experience.


Is it Safe to Go Back to School?

Is it Safe to Go Back to School?

In America, it seems like we’re getting new COVID-19 news each day. U.S. government leaders have had a tough time enforcing the rules of social gatherings and social distancing. Some states have lifted their lockdowns. Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths increase in other states. With all of this still going on, parents are left wondering — is it safe to go back to school? Parents want their kids to get the best possible education while also having great experiences they’ll remember all of their lives. But is it really safe to reopen schools?

Is it Safe to Go Back to School

Is it Too Soon to Reopen Schools?

The CDC is supporting the idea of reopening schools in the fall, but they have received some backlash from medical and educational professionals. Studies are still inconclusive at this point, but it seems that children may not be as much at risk as older adults. And younger children may not carry and spread the virus as easily. However, teens are still able to carry the disease and spread it to their family members. Once one student gets COVID-19, it’s likely that he or she will pass it to their friends. That’s why it’s important for kids to practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash their hands frequently. Plus, teachers, faculty, staff members, coaches, and bus drivers are also at risk of COVID-19. Here are some COVID-19 resources for schools.

Reopening Schools

There’s a lot that we have to consider about opening up schools. School officials need to look at classroom sizes, ventilation within school buildings, population density, shared equipment, high-contact areas, local amounts of COVID-19 cases, and means of transportation. Even if kids are able to sit in their assigned seat with a mask on all school day, they need to get up at some point. They have to be able to eat their lunch and use the bathroom.

It’s also important to note that physical schools offer more than just an education. In addition to the STEM subjects, children gain friendships and emotional skills. Also, students have access to support programs, internet usage, and healthy meals when they’re at school.

The new year is upon us, and we still don’t really know what’s going to happen. Some schools are talking about using distance learning. Meanwhile, other schools are considering hybrid schedules. Students will spend some days in school and other days at home doing virtual learning. And then there are other schools that want to give parents a choice of sending their child to school or keeping them home. You may not think that you have a choice in this matter, based on the state or school district you live in. But that’s not the case. You can still enroll your child in a cyber school.

Cyber Schools and the Coronavirus

With very little warning, brick-and-mortar schools were forced to provide remote learning. While your local school may not have much experience with online learning, virtual charter schools have years of experience with it. Plus, several online schools are already set up to provide learning support services and other resources and technology for their students. A lot of parents are wondering — is cyber school a good choice during the pandemic? If you’re asking yourself, “Is it safe to go back to school?” virtual education might be the right option for your family. At this point, at least, it seems to be a safer educational option. Here are some tips for picking one of the top online schools.

Cyber schools and coronavirus

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