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Commonwealth Charter Academy

1 Innovation Way, Harrisburg PA, 17110

About Commonwealth Charter Academy

Learn more about Commonwealth Charter Academy in PA. CCA has a focus on unlocking the passions of its learners. They strive to tailor their curriculum around the passions and interests of the students.

Headquartered in Harrisburg, CCA offers K-12 education at no cost to families in Pennsylvania. In addition to their flexible and safe learning, they also offer a variety of extracurricular activities and family services, helping you motivate and support your child. CCA also has a Career Readiness program for high school students. And they have an AgWorks facility where students get hands-on lab experience working with aquaponics.

Learn More about Commonwealth Charter Academy in PA

At CCA, they understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to education isn't the answer. So, their state-certified teachers offer a personalized approach to education. They want to help students succeed in all aspects of their lives and become happy and successful leaders of the future.

School Envrionment


Charter Renewal Period

July 1, 2011 and ending on June 30, 2016

Personalized Instructions

The personalized learning and technology at CCA allow teachers to offer whole-group, small-group and one-on-one support through written feedback, real-time virtual class sessions, variations to lessons to help different learning styles, choices in how assignments are completed and continual communication.

Schedule Flexibility

CCA students attend virtual classes, complete coursework and take assessments at the times that are best for them.


Public Schools in Pennsylvania are funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars. As a free public school, there are no tuition fees.

School Hours
  • K-6: 25 hours per week
  • Grades 7-12: 28 hours per week.



4 in-person locations: West, Central, NE, SE

Early Graduation


Grading System

Letter Grading System

AP / Honour Courses

AP / Honour

Class Type
  • Async - Independent
  • Sync - Live
Grade Level
  • Elementary: K-5
  • Middle: 6-8
  • High: 9-12
Summer Programs
  • Aquaponics Summer Camp
  • Summer Drone Course
State Wide Assessments

Various locations

Assessment Tools

Exact Path, Study Island, Formal & Informal assessments throughout the year



Teacher-Developed Curriculum

Foreign Languages

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Sign Language, Spanish



Learn More

Enrolment Process


Open House


Info Session


Parent Role

Parent To Parent Support Programs




Cyber students are eligible to participate in extra-curricular athletic programs in their Local School District

Outings / Field Trips


Club Offerings



New Students Orientation (Online, In-Person)


College Prep Services (Virtual Tours, Virtual Assemblies, Financial Aid, Etc.)
  • Guidance services
  • Scholarship information
  • Career planning
  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Career exploration field trips
  • College prep SAT course
  • Internship assistance
  • Career Pathways program
Support Team (Family Supports, Guidance. Nurses, School Psychologist, Etc.)
  • Family Mentors
  • CCA Ambassadors
  • Nurses
  • SAP
  • Family Services Department
Parent Support Services (Programs, Outings)
  • Face-to-face meetings (by request)
  • New family meetups
  • Family Mentor Facebook Group
  • Weekly virtual drop-in support sessions

Teaching Staff

% of appropriately Certified Teachers



Classroom Platforms

Edio - a learning management system

Tech Tools Equipment Used
  • Printer
  • Laptop