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Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

630 Park Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406

About Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School in PA is one of the best PA cyber schools. This award-winning school offers tuition-free education throughout The State of Pennsylvania. This online charter school focuses on providing a flexible class schedule while also offering personalized instruction for children. PA Virtual’s teachers team up with students and parents to find a way to meet their individual needs as best as possible. The parent/Learning Coach is an important part of their Diamond Model of Partnership, which combines parents with family support services, academics, and curriculum and technology. Learn more about PA Virtual today. You can explore some of the reviews, rankings, academic offerings, and services of Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School in PA. Learn about Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School in PA Founded in 2001, PA Virtual provides customized education for all of their students across the State of Pennsylvania. Each and every member of the faculty and staff is committed to becoming a dedicated partner in your child's education. They just want to do whatever they can to help your child do their absolute best in school and beyond. In addition to their fantastic educational offerings, PA Virtual offers a number of different opportunities for socialization. They have field trips and local volunteer opportunities for students as well as a great variety of clubs and other after-school activities. Whether your child has an interest in video games, music, and photography or chess and Model UN, PA Virtual has a school club for it. Not only does PA Virtual offer support services and technology help for students and families. Additionally, they have all sorts of helpful information on their website. Check out their helpful Blog or FAQ. They also offer parent lunch and learn sessions on a regular basis, helping new parents get acquainted with their role as a Learning Coach.

Year Established


School Envrionment


School Type


Avg. Class Size


Charter Renewal Period

Jul 1, 2019 - Jun 30,2024

Phone No.


Email Address

Personalized Instructions

Teachers partner with parents and students to determine how to best meet the individual needs of each student. In Elementary & Middle Schools, various diagnostic tools are used to determine the childs individual needs.

Schedule Flexibility

Asynchronous mode allows the students and parents to customize and direct their schedule while ensuring they complete all class and attendance requirements.


Public Schools in Pennsylvania are funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars. As a free public school, there are no tuition fees.

School Hours
  • K-4: 5 hours/day (plus scheduled 11-11:40 lunch break)
  • 6-8: 5-5.5 hours/day (plus scheduled 11-11:40 lunch break)
  • 7-12: 5.5 hours/day (plus scheduled 11-11:40 lunch break)


Early Graduation


Grading System

Letter Grading System

AP / Honour Courses

AP & Honours

Class Type
  • A sync - independent
  • Sync - Live
Grade Level
  • Elementary: 1st - 4th
  • Middle: 5th - 8th
  • High: 9th - 12th
Summer Programs
  • Credit Recovery
  • Before and After-School Tutoring
State Wide Assessments

Before and After-School Tutoring

Assessment Tools

Various Locations are within the 50 mile radius from the families residences



K-12, INC, Edgenuity

Curriculum Distribution

Online with printed material

Foreign Languages

French, German, Spanish, Latin



Learn More

Enrolment Process


Open House


Info Session


Parent Role

Parent To Parent Support Programs




Cyber students are eligible to participate in extra-curricular athletic programs in their local school district

Outings / Field Trips


Club Offerings





New Students Orientation (Online, In-Person)


Health Screening Offerings (Location, Services, Etc.)

Over 30 free health screenings are offered in location throughout the state on an annual basis.

Learner Supports (Tutors, Office Hours, Etc.)
  • Tutoring
  • Online Office Hours
College Prep Services (Virtual Tours, Virtual Assemblies, Financial Aid, Etc.)
  • Virtual and in-person college tours
  • Virtual assemblies on financial aid, scholarships, college applications.
  • Career and college planning tools like Naviance
Support Team (Family Supports, Guidance. Nurses, School Psychologist, Etc.)
  • Teachers
  • Family Support Coordinators
  • Parent Mentors
  • School Counsellors
  • School Nurses
  • Special Education Services/ Support
  • Parents & Learning Coaches
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • School Psychologists
Parent Support Services (Programs, Outings)
  • Lunch & Learn Weekly Sessions
  • New Family Weekly Sessions
  • Parent / Family Newsletter
  • Parent Facebook Groups
  • Parent Organization in Blackboard
  • Mentor Programs
  • Parent Hosted Outings

Teaching Staff

% of appropriately Certified Teachers


Avg. Teacher Yrs. of Experience

14 years

Avg. Teacher Yrs. of Service

08 years

Teacher Recognition / Awards, Nominations



Internet Reimbursement Rate

$35/ month per family during the school year.

Classroom Platforms

Blackboard Ultra

Tech Tools Equipment Used
  • HP ProBook Laptop 4-in-1
  • Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax
  • Laptop Bag
  • Ink Replacement Programs